The Community You Need To Visit

The Community You Need To Visit

There are many good Cincinnati neighborhoods that you can live in. It’s all just a matter of preference and your personal situation.

Why do you want to move to? What are you looking for in a neighborhood in the city?

The questions are endless yet crucial to ensure that you are making the best decision. Moving to a new neighborhood especially if you’re coming from a different city, state, or country is a BIG MOVE.

To help you in the decision-making process, I listed some of the top Cincinnati neighborhoods that you might want to consider.


Over-The-Rhine (OTR)

The Community You Need To Visit

This is one of the newly-revamped Cincinnati neighborhoods in the downtown area. One of the new features in this area is the Cincinnati Bell Connector, the streetcar, that goes around the downtown area.

The area has a Brooklyn-esque vibe. It has a number of cool bars, restaurants, and shops. The area is perfect for those looking for a cool place to live in the city. You’re going to love it here.


Mount Adams

If you want to live in a small mountain that overlooks the downtown area and the famous Ohio River, then Mount Adams is the perfect choice among the Cincinnati neighborhoods for you.

If OTR has that Brooklyn-esque vibe, Mount Adams has a European feel. The charming neighborhood offers all the amenities that you need– from restaurants, department stores, etc. Most of the residents here are young professionals.


Indian Hill

Consider this as one of the Cincinnati neighborhoods where the affluent life. The area only allows single-family houses and it is considered to be the best place in Cincinnati to raise a family. The area is a huge forestland that has an abundance of mansions.


Hyde Park

If you don’t want the feel of downtown Cincinnati but you have to be in the downtown area, well, this is where you go. The area is filled with retail shops and restaurants. It is also regarded as the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Most of the residents are upper-middle class and a lot of young professionals. It is also close to many tourist attractions.



Also known for its affluent homes, this option among Cincinnati neighborhoods is popular for families. This is because of its close proximity to the Clifton Campus and the University of Cincinnati.

Most people here rent because the homes really do come with expensive price tags. Nevertheless, the area is a good place to live with a fair amount of amenities to sustain daily necessities.


Final Thoughts on the Best Cincinnati Neighborhoods to Live In

When it comes to choosing from among Cincinnati neighborhoods, reading guides like this is helpful. However, you also need to take in consideration your personal situation. In fact, your personal situation is a huge factor here.

Are you moving alone or with a family? What type of Cincinnati neighborhood are you looking for? What type of profession do you have? Do you have a home business? There are so many factors that you should consider before you actually make that move.

I’ll tell you a story. I had a client before who ran online marketing. He decided to move to a new neighborhood not only because of some personal factors but also because of his business, which is Ingreso Cybernetico. The Ingreso Cybernetico business, of course, requires a high number of clients in order to scale. When I asked him why he moved to that particular area, he said because there was more potential for him to grow his business in that neighborhood.

With that being said, you really have to make the Cincinnati neighborhood work for you. It shouldn’t just be based on the good things that you hear or read, but it should benefit you personally and help you grow.

So, in order to make a wise decision before you move to a new Cincinnati neighborhood, make sure that it will give you more benefits as compared to your old place.